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Joe Staley enjoying some Taylor Swift & Moana

I’m not sure what to think of this.

There are a lot of things Joe Staley does provide a smile and a memorable moment. When the left tackle hangs it up for good, the 49ers will be worse for humor. Just watch an episode of The Joe Show.

I’m not so sure about this one. Heading over to reddit, Fooch found this video of Staley getting into some Taylor Swift and Moana songs. I’m not sure if Staley did this because a camera was in his face or because he really likes the songs, I just know it will take me another four weeks to repress what I’ve watched. Especially with how into it he gets.

Take a look (note, this video may not load in phone browsers, you need to go directly to Reddit for a look at this).

My guess after this NFL thing is over for Staley is we’ll see him on American Idol or any of those other talent-judging reality shows populating TV.

All this video now needs is Simon Cowell’s comments and I’d have my day made.