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49ers, Cowboys might practice together before preseason game

The San Francisco 49ers look set to get busy with more preseason joint practices. Last month, we learned the team will travel early to Houston to engage in joint practices with the Texans prior to their Week 2 preseason game. Now, they might also be working something out with the Dallas Cowboys prior to their preseason opener in Santa Clara. Jason Garrett is hopeful the teams can work something out, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer.

The 49ers have generally held one set of joint practices each year. The past couple years it has been with the Denver Broncos. Prior to 2011, the 49ers and Raiders used to hold joint practices each year. Since cancelling their preseason game series, the two sides have not held joint practices, and with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas in a couple years, it likely won’t pick back up anytime soon.

The 49ers kick off training camp on approximately July 26th (15 days prior to their preseason opener). If they held joint practices prior to the Thursday, August 9th game, they would likely be Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th, with only a basic walkthrough on Wednesday the 8th. That would mean joint practices after only a week and a half of training camp. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing, but it’s different from what we’ve regularly seen of the 49ers in recent years.