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Happy 35th birthday Frank Gore!

35 years old and he remains a running back at the pro-level. Send him to Canton

Today would be May 14th which means one very important day for a very important former San Francisco 49er—Frank Gore will be turning 35.

35 years old and he still can play in the NFL. Now that Gore has signed with the Miami Dolphins, he may finally be moved to a complimentary running back role behind Kenyan Drake, but that’s one complimentary back that’s going to cause defenses fits. Gore’s longevity alone makes him a candidate for the NFL Hall of Fame, as there aren’t many running backs at 34 who could find jobs in the league (Darren Sproles is the only other running back drafted in 2005 that is still playing). If Gore can continue to be productive, it would put him as one of the most durable running backs in history.

In 2017, Frank Gore tallied 961 yards rushing and 245 yards receiving at 34 years of age. That’s respectable no matter who you are. For a 34 year old Frank Gore, that’s his fourth season with under 1,000 yards rushing.

Right now, Gore sits fifth on all-time rushing lists at 14,026 yards. He’ll only need 76 yards to pass Curtis Martin for the fourth spot at 14,101 yards.

Happy birthday to the Inconvenient Truth. I’m going to drop this awesome vid everyone loves (note, you might have to go to YouTube to view this):