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John Lynch: Mike McGlinchey is a plug-and-play draft pick

It’s safe to say the starting right tackle job is McGlinchey’s to lose.

The San Francisco 49ers made a switch at right tackle last month when they decided to draft Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey and trade Trent Brown. After the pick, Kyle Shanahan said McGlinchey would split right tackle reps with Garry Gilliam, and then Brown would work into the mix at training camp.

The 49ers had already finalized the Trent Brown deal when Shanahan made those comments, but the big tackle had to complete his New England Patriots physical. But beyond that, in spite of what Shanahan said at the time, McGlinchey is all but assured of starting at right tackle when Week 1 arrives.

On Wednesday, NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche talked about a recent conversation he had with Lynch.

“It’s hard to judge offensive lineman in OTAs because they’re not in pads, so the contact is very limited, but Lynch is through the moon excited about McGlinchey. He said he is a plug-and-play draft pick. He’s gonna come in and start at right tackle. He said McGlinchey is so excited to get in there and compete. Everybody can sense it, they know they’ve got a player there, and as you mentioned, protecting Jimmy Garoppolo is the No. 1 priority.

“But also it’s establishing that running game, with Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida, the two speedsters, both Georgia Southern graduates, by the way — that they really want to have this mixed rushing attack. Think of the Atlanta Falcons, what they had with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman — that’s what Kyle Shanahan really wants to expect. And McGlinchey’s the guy, with Joe Staley on the bookend at tackle, so they really feel can lead the way.”

This isn’t going to rock anybody’s world. Not all first round picks get into a starting role right away, but you like to see big contributions from your top ten pick. I don’t expect McGlinchey to be able to coast through training camp and hold onto the right tackle job, but it is very much his to lose this summer.