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Source: 49ers to introduce new alternate uniform for 2018

This would likely replace the black alternates used the past three seasons.

The San Francisco 49ers are hosting their now annual State of the Franchise event this coming Wednesday, May 23rd, and if you weren’t planning on watching, you might want to set aside some time at 7:00 p.m. PT. Per a source, the organization has decided to introduce a new alternate uniform for 2018. I do not know for sure if it will be announced on May 23rd, but it would make a lot of sense.

The 49ers have worn a black alternate jersey each of the past three seasons. I liked it for the most part, although adding gold trim around the names and numbers would have been helpful. But opinions varied wildly on the black alternates.

NFL teams are allowed one alternate jersey, which means the 49ers decision to introduce a new alternate suggests we will not see the black alternate this year. I do not have details on what the new alternate will look like. Back in February, Marquise Goodwin tweeted out a photoshopped picture of himself in an all white uniform. I assume he was just having fun, but that’s certainly a nice fresh look. Either way, we should find out sooner rather than later on this.

The 49ers State of the Franchise event kicks off at 7:00 p.m. PT on May 23rd, and will be hosted by FOX Sports writer and NFL Network personality Peter Schrager. It will air on, the 49ers app, Facebook, and Periscope. For Bay Area residents, you can still purchase tickets to attend the event. They are $5, with the proceeds going to the 49ers Foundation.

We’ll have an open thread for it that night, and if they do announce the new alternate uniform that night, plenty of pictures!