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Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend under oath recants statement during preliminary hearing

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Fooch’s update No. 2: The Athletic’s David Lombardi put together a helpful timeline based on what we’ve heard previously and what Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified to today. You can read Lombardi’s full rundown of her testimony here.

Feb. 10 — Ennis says she engages in a road rage fight with another woman.
Feb. 11 — Ennis says Foster breaks up with her after hearing of fight.
Feb. 11 — Ennis calls police, says Foster beat her, and Foster is arrested.
Feb. 13 — Ennis first tells Detective Wiens that her injuries came as a result of another fight, and not from Foster.
March 13 — Ennis says she becomes aware of road rage fight video.
April 12 — Santa Clara DA formally charges Foster with three felonies.
April 26 — Ennis released a statement saying she lied about allegations.
May 17 — Ennis testifies under oath in Foster’s preliminary hearing.

Fooch’s update: You can continue following the Twitter feed down at the bottom, but a lunch-time recess until 1:30 p.m. PT means time for an update. Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified that in 2011 she falsely accused another ex-boyfriend of domestic violence and spent time in jail for the false accusation. That is kind of big in this case. Additionally, the police detective who was investigating the case admitted Foster’s ex-girlfriend recanted her statement two days after the arrest, but he acknowledged never following up on her claim of the fight with another woman. Finally, he testified that the guns found at Foster’s home had been legally purchased in Alabama.

Reuben Foster’s preliminary hearing is at its first break of the day, taking a 15 minute recess after his ex-girlfriend provided a host of testimony this morning. She testified against the advice of counsel, and recanted her story, while providing details as to what happened the night before and the day of the alleged domestic violence incident.

She recanted her claims, stating again that her injuries were suffered in a fight in San Francisco with another woman. The Athletic’s David Lombardi and San Jose Mercury News reporter Robert Salonga are at the courthouse and have a lot of detail from the testimony. I’ll drop in their tweets below. The most notable details to come out of the morning are her saying she was going to “fuck his shit up” and then later saying he never touched her.

Another interesting note from Matt Barrows is that the motorist who picked her up said he did not recall any injuries on her when she flagged him down, and she was calm during the 911 call. That does not mean nothing happened, but it would add to the question of reasonable doubt.

Her lawyer advised she plead the Fifth Amendment because she is incriminating herself in filing a false police report. Her legal status likely will remain up in the air until after this case resolves itself.

More tweets here