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Dennis Erickson joins Mike Singletary as head coach in new football league

What a time to be alive!

The ex-San Francisco 49ers head coach fraternity is busy lately! A week after learning that Mike Singletary will coach the Memphis team in the new Alliance of American Football, we now know another coach joining the group. The league will have a team in Salt Lake City, and Dennis Erickson will be their head coach.

They join Steve Spurrier and Brad Childress as head coaches in the new league. I actually like the idea of Singletary getting another opportunity, and I can always get behind more Spurrier. As for the others? Well, they are much more of the retread variety. Considering Bill Polian is running this thing, they seem fairly appropriate.

It’s been a wild day of news with the Reuben Foster situation and our report on the new alternate uniforms coming out. A random little story like this is a nice breather in between it all. Is anybody desperate enough for more football to watch this league?