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Lynch: A franchise quarterback isn’t ‘just one of the guys,’ but Jimmy Garoppolo has ‘an ability to be just one of the guys’

Jimmy G is settling in nicely.

The San Francisco 49ers are wrapping up phase 2 of the offseason workout program this week, and will open up OTAs on Monday. This period has marked the first time Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers offense have been able to work with the coaching staff since wrapping up a five game win streak to close out last season.

Garoppolo and company will be looking to build on last year, and prove the 49ers made the right decision in signing him to a long-term deal. General manager John Lynch recently appeared on NFL Network to talk about what they liked about Garoppolo enough to work out a long-term deal. We’ve heard it plenty over the months, but Lynch offered a little more detail about Garoppolo’s work ethic and how great a teammate he is.

The quarterback is the most important position on the field, and as Lynch points out, a franchise quarterback is not “just one of the guys.” That being said, football is as much a team sport as any, and Garoppolo has proven his ability thus far to be one of the guys. Who knows what the coming years will bring, but for now, things seem to moving along swimmingly.

You can watch the whole segment here, and below is a transcription.

“I think one thing we knew, Nate, before we ever had an opportunity to work with Jimmy in person was that, Kyle had studied him coming out of Eastern Illinois, and his talent, his ability to throw the football, his arm talent, is undeniable. He’s got an incredibly efficient and quick release. He’s one of those guys — we hear so much about the ability to process information quickly, he does that extremely well — and he throws the ball extremely accurately. His talent, we all knew about that.

”I think what we’ve been most pleased and encouraged, and what led us, after a short sample size, to commit to Jimmy is I think the teammate he is. I spoke earlier about work. When your best players are leading the charge in terms of that work ethic, that’s a great thing. And I think that’s been Jimmy since day 1 here. He came, he had to learn a new offense, and he was relentless in his pursuit to learn it. Tough deal to do that mid-season.

”The other thing I think that we saw, he’s an excellent teammate. His guys really like him. You talk about, when you’re the franchise quarterback, the face of a franchise, you’re not just one of the guys. But he has an ability to be just one of the guys. He’s constantly with these guys. Whether it’s in the facility, out of the facility, he’s leading the charge in terms of the way they work, and we’ve been thrilled with him.

”I think Jimmy knows as well as anyone, his best football, and he’s got so much to prove in terms of who he is as a quarterback. We’re all aware of that. But we believed in him enough to make him our quarterback, and we’re really pleased to have done that.”