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ESPN analyst picks Jimmy Garoppolo to be MVP

Might as well go all in on the Jimmy G excitement!

Over the course of this month, ESPN has had their NFL Insiders breaking down the offseason by answering a variety of questions. They have ranged from most improved teams to biggest declines to biggest offseason addition. On Friday, they offered up a prediction from eight Insiders as to who would claim MVP honors in 2018.

Four of the eight picked Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and he was the only player to receive multiple votes. However, Kevin Seifert offered the vote 49ers fans will enjoy the most. He decided to pick quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for 2018 MVP.

As long as we’re all on the Jimmy G train, we might as well take it all the way into town. Will Garoppolo be a better player than Rodgers or Brees in 2018? I don’t think so. But Garoppolo is poised to lift a flawed team much higher than it otherwise would have risen. That’s a pretty decent working definition for the MVP.

Earlier this week, released 2018 MVP odds, and had Jimmy Garoppolo tied for 13th best odds. He was installed at +2000 (bet $100 to win $2,000), along with Derek Carr and Deshaun Watson. Rodgers leads the way at +600, and given how Green Bay’s season played out following his broken collarbone, it is no surprise he is leading the way in MVP odds and picks.

But in the meantime, let’s just keep overreacting to what Jimmy G will do this season for the 49ers!