49ers best uniforms and alternate ideas

George Rose/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers uniforms are some of the most iconic uniforms in the NFL. While the colors have been slightly tweaked over the years, the uniform itself has remained relatively simple. The black alternates that were introduced in 2015 had the fanbase quite divided, some saying the team didn’t look right in black at all, while others thought that a little more gold would have done the uniform wonders.

With the report that the team will be unveiling new, alternate uniforms for the 2018 season, I wanted to open a discussion as to what era of the Niners uniforms fans think are the best, and what color combinations would make for a great alternate jersey, that not only honors tradition, but also puts a fresh spin on a classic design.

I, personally, have always wanted to see a red and silver throwback, just because it’s one the team hasn’t used in decades. I also know that many fans are dying to see the 49ers go back to the white pants look that the team wore In the 1994-95 Championship season. However, the uniform combination I have been most dying for is the return of the 1980s era uniforms. The bigger stripes down the side of the pants and the red striped socks. You can’t go wrong with those.

As far as new potential alternates go, I’d love to see the all white uniform with red stripes and numbers that Marquise Goodwin tweeted out some months back. It’s a very clean look and really makes the gold helmet pop. The other, less popular option would be to go with an all gold uniform with red or white stripes and numbers.

What say you, Faithful?!

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