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Arik Armstead clarifies his foot surgery

Sounds like he’s feeling a lot better.

On Friday, word came out that 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead was recovering from minor foot surgery, but would be just fine for training camp. Given Armstead’s injury history, this sent some into a pickle with Armstead chiming in on Twitter:

Armstead was a guest yesterday on The Drive with Carmichael Dave and went into a bit more detail as well with the injury:

“I had surgery, a minor clean-up on my foot a couple months ago. But I’m feeling better now, we start OTAs and practice on Monday. I’m feeling good.”

Following this, Dave started laughing at how old the surgery was and confirmed with Armstead he’s ready to go. Given Armstead’s history, I can see where people might be a bit concerned, but at the same time, it’s probably good this happened when the season ended rather than a few weeks into training camp where he needs to go get a procedure done.

Four months or two months, either way it looks like Armstead is feeling just fine and is ready for OTAs which start Monday.