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Washington cheerleaders put through truly despicable behavior by organization

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was an issue for more than just Dan Snyder’s team.

The New York Times published an expose on Wednesday about some truly atrocious behavior in the NFL. The article focused on Washington, and how they have effectively worked to “pimp out” their cheerleaders. The article is worth a read and it should make your skin crawl.

This article is not specific to the San Francisco 49ers, but I also don’t think we can just write this off as more bad behavior by a Dan Snyder-run organization. It’s easy to rip Snyder for bad behavior, but I would bet a whole lot of money that Washington is not the only organization where this has happened. I’m certainly not going to say every team tries to use their cheerleaders in this kind of manner, but I’m fairly certain Washington is not the only team to do this.

NFL cheerleaders have been the subject of poor behavior for years. This is particularly infuriating, but considering the kinds of behavior that led to a New Orleans Saints’ cheerleader filing a discrimination lawsuit, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I will say, this article on Washington is quite the perfect timing. Last September, Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles used their Week 1 matchup to raise money to fight to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. Less than a year later, we read stories that suggest Washington has effectively engaged in a form of human trafficking. You can’t make this stuff up.

Does anybody think the NFL will put together a competent investigation into this situation?