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Golden Nuggets: OTAs start Monday

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Good Morning. This coming week will be full of things for us to analyse and break down because organized training activities or OTAs start on Monday for the 49ers. We’ll also get the annual State of the Franchise event where the new uniforms get introduced.

Speaking of the uniforms, I’m going to miss the black/red unis. I think a touch-up with gold trim could have made them epic, but apparently they are on their way out. I know that they had a polarizing reception for most of the fans, but the 90s kid in me love them. The fact my favorite colors as a kid were red/black certainly helped.

Maybe they come back with the gold trim, but it sounds like we’ll be getting throwback uniforms. I don’t mind that at all, but I’m going to miss the black/red for sure.

Alright, I got some links for all of you.

‘An absolutely brilliant talent evaluator’: 49ers’ John McVay to be honored in San Francisco (Barrows)

Kentavius Street Eager to Prove He’s More than One Viral Video (

Richard Sherman discusses Jimmy Garoppolo, Reuben Foster, 49ers’ chances of winning division (49ers Webzone)

What a horrible night to have a curse...