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Additional details of what happened during Reuben Foster’s preliminary hearing

The Athletic’s David Lombardi got into his notes and provided some details on what was said during Foster’s day in court on Thursday

On Thursday, Reuben Foster attended his preliminary hearing regarding his arrest on February 11th. During the hearing, Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend recanted her statement given shortly after the arrest regarding a physical attack. Twitter and cameras were not allowed in the courtroom so we were left to what the writers noted while inside the courtroom. All the information of what happened is available here.

On Saturday, The Athletic’s David Lombardi tweeted out additional notes, providing some details during the hearing. There is no new news within these details, but they provide some added context on what happened in that courtroom. The tweets are below in the order they are posted. I’ve added a bit of background on what was already known before each tweet by Lombardi:

On what was stolen

During the hearing, Foster’s ex-girlfriend admitted to stealing two rolexes and $8,000 dollars. She later admitted that she, “had to do the right thing.”

Closing Arguments

According to reporters, the closing arguments concerned the DA saying the injuries suffered weren’t consistent and that her testimony wasn’t credible. Essentially, the DA wanted to go back to Foster’s ex-girlfriend’s initial statement.

The motorist flagged down

Several reports stated that the motorist who was flagged by Foster’s ex-girlfriend the night of the arrest didn’t notice any injuries on her.

The added notes end here, but if any more come available, from Lombardi or otherwise, we’ll be sure to update.