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Kansas State head coach: D.J. Reed has confidence, not arrogance, which is critical

The head coach of Kansas State University was humble about his cornerback being drafted to the San Francisco 49ers. You can listen to the entire interview here.

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder spoke with Joe Fann on his podcast as part of a series of interviews with coaches of 49ers draft picks. Snyder was complimentary, albeit a bit more humble discussing the the 49ers fifth round draft pick, cornerback D.J. Reed, He called Reed unselfish and, “a coach’s dream,” but when asked about a statement from Reed saying he [Reed] didn’t get scored on, Snyder responded with this:

“He has confidence, not arrogance. He has confidence in his capabilities. I think that’s very significant for anybody playing the game. Particularly where those guys play, by the same token, humility goes a long ways too.”

Reed will definitely have some opportunities to compete for some nickel work and as a kick returner. In 2017 he picked off four passes, averaged 14.9 yards on punt returns and a whopping 34.2 yard average for kick returns. The 49ers have not had a stand-out kick returner since Ted Ginn Jr. left after the 2012 season, maybe Reed can fill that role.

Below are the time stamps. You can listen to the video here.

00:24 - What he can say about the corner
02:25 - Reed’s value system
03:58 - His own scouting report on Reed
05:38 - Reed’s confidence
06:37 - Any early thoughts that Reed could play in the NFL
08:03 - Surprised Reed fell in the 5th round?
08:45 - Favorite memory of Reed
09:48 - Emotions of seeing Reed get drafted
10:26 - Words of wisdom upon being drafted