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Another projection says the 49ers won’t get compensatory picks in 2019

While an article on isn’t anything official, it certainly doesn’t help a case for it.

On Monday, May 8th, the NFL deadline passed for free agents affecting the compensatory pick formula on the 2019 NFL Draft. In short, we really didn’t think the 49ers were going to get any. Given cap space in the contracts, the 49ers’ greater losses than gains would not matter in their comp picks. They simply are too far down the value chart.

We are not the only ones who aren’t feeling it.’s Lance Zierlein put together his projections for compensatory picks, and the 49ers don’t make the list.

Keep in mind, everything, between our speculation and Zierlein’s projections is just that: speculation. The NFL does not release the comp pick formula. We can only go by the 49ers’ cap numbers, gains vs. losses and other evidence to support our claims.

Based on Over the Cap’s formula, Fooch put together a list of free agent moves in order to figure out what could potentially lead to comp picks. The 49ers had three more losses in free agency than gains, the contract values won’t add up to comp picks. Here’s the list with the pick value in parenthesis:

Carlos Hyde (6th) CANCELS OUT Weston Richburg (4th)
Brandon Fusco (6th) CANCEL OUT Jerick McKinnon (5th)
Aaron Lynch (6th) CANCEL OUT Jonathan Cooper (6th)
Dontae Johnson (7th) CANCEL OUT Jeremiah Attaochu (7th)
Tank Carradine (7th)
Leon Hall (7th)
Logan Paulsen (7th)

Given what we’ve covered, and Zierlein’s rundown of who will/will not get compensatory picks, it’s safe to say it’s hard to make an argument the 49ers will get any comp picks.

There will not be “Moar 7ths.” Not in 2019 anyways.