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Scot McCloughan approves of the Mike McGlinchey pick

The former 49ers general manager had some thoughts on their recent draft acquisitions.

We’re still getting opinions on the San Francisco 49ers selections in the 2018 NFL draft and that won’t be calming down anytime soon with the infinite amount of anonymous NFL scouts available. One person familiar with 49ers fans is Scot McCloughan, the former general manager who had a hand in picks like Frank Gore and Joe Staley. Though he left the 49ers in early 2010, it’s speculated that the draft of that same year was done the board that he created. That draft yielded picks like NaVorro Bowman, Anthony Davis, and Mike Iupati

McCloughan chatted with Sacramento Bee writer Matt Barrows to give his thoughts on the first three picks the 49ers made in the first round. With their first pick, Mike McGlinchey, McCloughan gave his seal of approval:

“I liked him a lot,” McCloughan said. “I liked the size, I liked the length. I liked the toughness. … Everyone’s going to say he’s a right tackle. I think he’s a left tackle through and through. I like his intelligence, his instincts for the position. I liked the angles he would take and the fact that we wanted to finish (blocks).

McCloughan broke down the second and third round with Barrows as well, offering some good insight to each of the picks. He wasn’t as excited about the Dante Pettis pick and he didn’t like Tarvarius Moore enough to go in the first three rounds. The one he did praise was linebacker Fred Warner, saying, “I think he’s going to be a damn good player.” His analysis is definitely worth a read, so head over to see what he said.

McCloughan’s draft picks with the 49ers may have been a bit underrated while he was with the organization, but if anyone knows prospects—it’s him. He currently runs a scouting agency, offering consulting assistance to teams if need be. His latest client? The Cleveland Browns, offering some assistance leading to the 2018 draft.