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49ers confirm they will announce alternate ‘throwback’ uniforms on Wednesday

San Francisco 49ers president Al Guido confirmed on 95.7 The Game that the team will indeed introduce an alternate throwback jersey. Last week, we reported the team was planning on introducing a new alternate uniform to replace their black jerseys. We did not have a timeline for introduction, but Guido confirmed the jerseys will be introduced at the team’s State of the Franchise event on Wednesday.

Guido referred to the new look as a throwback/alternate jersey. Chris Biderman pointed out that the team installed signs of past 49ers greats during the stretch where they wore the throwbacks in the mid-90s. This would suggest something along those lines for the alternates, so maybe an all white look could be in the offing.

Guido said the front office showed the team the uniforms recently, and, “the reactions were tremendous.” Some people enjoy the blacks, some prefer keeping things simple and consistent, and some enjoy those throwback shaded uniforms. I personally am looking forward to the new look, but I’m sure opinions will vary.