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NFL announces Super Bowl 57, 58 host cities, creating ‘home’ option for 49ers

49ers fans turn out well in Arizona, while the 49ers have NOT had a Super Bowl in New Orleans since beating the Broncos. I repeat, they have NOT had a Super Bowl appearance there since 1990.

NFL owners formally voted on the hosts of Super Bowl 57 (2023) and 58 (2024), and as expected, Arizona will host the former and New Orleans will host the latter. The NFL used to have cities bid for it, but they have changed to deciding on a city they want to host and have them put together their own bid.

Phoenix has always been a fun city when the San Francisco 49ers are in town to face the Arizona Cardinals. It seems like virtually every 49ers road game down there ends up having a huge fan turnout. Super Bowl ticketing usually prevents that kind of one-sided fan experience, but at least we know it’s an easy location for 49ers fans to get to. That one will take place in 2023, which will be the final year of Jimmy Garoppolo’s current contract. If Garoppolo meets expectations, or at least comes close to them, it’s safe to say he will be on a new contract by then.

New Orleans is always a fun city for the Super Bowl. The city hosted the Super Bowl in 2002, but in spite of what some might say, it has NEVER HOSTED A SUPER BOWL SINCE. I happened to visit the Big Easy back in February 2013, but that was to enjoy the food and music. NOTHING ELSE.