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Golden Nuggets: Dude, What?

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Thursday, May 24th, 2018 edition.

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Good morning folks, by now I hope you’ve had time to process everything that transpired on Wednesday, directly and indirectly, related to the 49ers. Between the Reuben Foster domestic violence dismissal & the new NFL policy on anthem decorum (reflexive upon the actions of two high profile ex-49ers), we’re left with a staggering amount of articles to sift through.

The Foster saga has been quite the rollercoaster of a story. The obscene nature of the allegations, coupled with Foster’s track record of boneheaded behavior, and the tendency to pass judgment based on the court of public perception, led to some major fissures in the 49ers fanbase. Some wanted him gone immediately, some wanted to let the justice system play out, some angrily pointed to Tramaine Brock’s experience with the new 49ers brass, and others demanded that a contingency plan be put in place immediately. As the preliminary hearing grew nearer, the alleged victim recanted her story, and then admitted to lying, then to stealing from Foster & having done this exact same thing before, for which she served jail time in Louisiana.

Now, Foster has been cleared of any wrong-doing, in terms of the domestic violence. He’s still on the hook for a misdemeanor weapons charge (reduced from a felony, though), along with his slightly previous drug charge. Because he’s already in the NFL’s substance abuse program, it’s a virtual certainty that he will still be missing time during the upcoming season. However, the team barged out yesterday with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind to reinstate Foster for offseason workouts. While his constant stream of minor injuries will remain something to watch, I deeply hope that the prospect of losing his future will serve as the kind of wake-up call that alters his behavior for the better.

Because the Football Gods are cruel and fickle, the goodwill felt throughout the 49ers community from the Foster decision was pre-emptively co-opted by the divisive fallout of a new NFL policy dissuading players from using company time to make political statements. Going forward, players will have the option to protest in the locker room. If they wish to be on the field for the national anthem, they will be required to stand. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine for the ballclub of the offending player.

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