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Cassius Marsh is a huge fan of Magic The Gathering

The 49ers edge rusher plays it extensively in his spare time.

It’s been a long week with the NFL’s new Anthem policy, but Wednesday brought some knowledge that is entertaining me to no end. San Francisco 49ers edge rusher Cassius Marsh is a huge player of Magic: The Gathering, and has played it since he was a kid.

This is not actually new information if you follow his Instagram account. He is regularly posting pictures of his various cards and open to trading with people looking to add to their own collections.

The video above (click here if you can’t see it) shows him engaged in a “match” with three other folks. Let me be clear about one thing, I’ve never played this before, so I don’t know if “match” is the proper word for such a gathering. Any readers play this at all?

If you search Google for Cassius Marsh Magic The Gathering, there are currently 54,100 results. One of my favorite stories is about how after he had $20,000 in cards stolen, the company sent him a care package with a bunch of replacements. Another article talks about his first-time participation last summer in a large scale tournament. The headline cracks me up:

Seahawks Linebacker Cassius Marsh Competes In Magic Tournament, Gets Wrecked

I’ve heard some rumors of other players having big investments in Magic: The Gathering, and I find myself wondering just how big this game is among NFL players. Marsh and Doug Baldwin took part in a charity event, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has other players he plays with once in a while.

Any fans of the game in here?