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Terrell Owens to appear on Madden 19 special Hall of Fame cover in wrong uniform


Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this summer, and that is bringing with it a special treat. Madden 19 will feature a special Hall of Fame edition, and TO got the choice for the cover.

Only one problem, he is wearing decidedly the wrong jersey for it.

When a player is enshrined in the Hall of Fame, they do not pick a team they are representing. Unlike baseball, which includes a hat with a team logo, a football Hall of Famer’s bust does not include anything representing a specific team.

That being said, c’mon EA. I’m guessing TO might have had some input into this. Either way, I’m guessing 49ers fans who want the special edition of Madden probably won’t be getting it. In the past, we’ve come up with some Madden cover photoshops. We’ll work on that again this offseason for people who want to just buy the regular edition and drop in a new picture.