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Reuben Foster marijuana possession charge dismissed after diversion class

One more legal issue off the table, but no word on the NFL’s plan.

Fooch’s update: The Tuscaloosa DA told the media Foster had “several months of clean drug screen results” as part of his pre-trial diversion process.

The Tuscaloosa District Attorney announced on Friday that a marijuana possession charge against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been dismissed, per Matt Barrows. Foster completed a diversion course in Alabama, which resulted in the dismissal. He also had to pay court costs and a $100 bail bond fee, per Tom Pelissero.

This follows Wednesday’s news that a Santa Clara judge dismissed the domestic violence and criminal threats charges against Foster. The only remaining charge is a weapons possession charge. The charge was originally a felony, but the judge reduced it to a misdemeanor because the gun was legally purchased in Alabama, and no federal laws were broken.

This does not necessarily mean Foster will avoid an NFL suspension. The NFL usually gives a one-game suspension for marijuana related arrests. Although charges were dismissed, it seems like it was part of a plea deal with the diversion program. The NFL could still view that as effectively “guilty” for purposes of league discipline. By comparison, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Demetrius Harris was suspended one game after he reached a plea to spend two days in jail for a marijuana arrest in Missouri.

Foster will be due back in Santa Clara court on June 6th for a pretrial hearing on his misdemeanor weapon possession charge.