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Joe Show, OTA singing edition!

We get to see some singing from Mike McGlinchey, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Breida, D.J. Jones. And Jones offers quite the Solomon Thomas impression.

The Joe Show is back for its second episode of the year! This time, we get nearly 12 minutes of fun times. You can watch the whole video above, or click here if you can’t see it.

It’s longer than usual, and there’s plenty to enjoy. There’s a bit of a singing theme this time around. Staley opens with Mike McGlinchey and gets the rookie to sing some Disney songs. He eventually moves on to Jimmy Garoppolo and the quarterback shows off his pipes. It wraps up with D.J. Jones struggling to pick a song, but offering a solid start to Mary Had A Little Lamb.

We get some additional appearances by Eli Harold and Matt Breida. All in all, a fun time at OTAs, so give it a watch.