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White on white is awesome, but where’s the red and white?

If we’re going to do a throwback, did we do it right?

Not gonna lie, those new throwback uniforms for the San Francisco 49ers are pretty slick. Sure, the red and black ones espoused all sorts of awesomeness only a 90s kid like yours truly could appreciate (well, one who listened to a bunch of metal and punk bands), especially when red and black are my favorite colors, but it really didn’t feel like a 49ers jersey. Now, white with that cool shadow number, nothing says 90s, throwback, and awesomeness like that.

Except I was hoping for red jersey on white pants, the original home uniforms. Instead I’m getting the sleek all white duds, which while pretty snazzy, leave me a bit empty. I’m not sure when the 49ers will roll these jerseys out, but there’s still something missing. I think it’s because red on white was the home colors while white on white (sometimes white on gold) was the away uniform. I don’t know why I miss the home colors, but I do and something seems off because of it.

Don’t misunderstand, I love these uniforms, especially the shadow font, but for a throwback, I would have preferred a red jersey. If we’re going to do a throwback do it right.

But I guess if we aren’t going to be specific, these will do just fine.

Of course, since I have a platform for a thing like this, I figured I’d see if I’m alone in my emptiness. Anyone else miss the red and white? I put a poll in just for this (click here if you don’t see it).


Do you wish the 49ers went red (jersey) on white with their throwback uniforms?

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