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Report: 49ers sold $100,000 in throwback jerseys from Wednesday to Thursday

Looks like those jerseys are a big hit.

There are many ways to find out if something was a success, but nothing says anything more than the almighty dollar. ESPN’s Darren Rovell is reporting the San Francisco 49ers sold $100,000 worth of their new throwback jerseys sold between Wednesday evening (when introduced) and Thursday. It’s safe to say the throwback jerseys are a hit.

Garoppolo led the charge with 63 percent of jerseys sold, but the followers may surprise you. Besides Richard Sherman, the other big sellers were Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Deion Sanders, three people with the team in 1994.

Throwback jerseys are nothing new, but with the 49ers, and the year they represent (1994) it brings a lot more nostalgia than some of the more dated jerseys. It represents the last year the 49ers won a Super Bowl and something the team is trying to return to.

As much as I liked the black/red jerseys this clearly shows the change was a good move. The black/red alternates were definitely polarizing with people either loving or hating them. For those of you still wanting a black/red jersey, they are still up for sale on — if you want a piece of history, of course.