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Dez Bryant posts, then removes an Instagram comment saying he wants to join the 49ers

Considering no one has signed him, he may just want to go anywhere at this point.

Dez Bryant has been a free agent for a little over a month now and who was once thought to be a nice signing to a wide receiver-needy team is now maybe looking a job anywhere willing.

Well, if he has a choice, he may want to play for the San Francisco 49ers. Someone found a comment he made on Instagram saying he wanted to play for the 49ers, the comment was quickly deleted.

Luckily, we have a photo:

There’s not much to really look into this besides Bryant having a team preference. Fooch and I both have said we don’t see the 49ers making a play for Bryant. They simply don’t need him at this juncture. They’ve drafted two wide receivers in the 2018 draft and have some others developing into their second season. The competition for the wide receiver group is already fierce and bringing Bryant in almost guarantees another prospect’s release from the team.

But still, isn’t it nice when everyone wants to play for the 49ers?