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Watch a video detailing the 49ers’ 1994 season

If we’re going to go all out on throwbacks this week, we may as well highlight a season from when these jerseys came from.

Last week, the San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new white on white throwback uniforms. For the most part, they seem to be well received, and are a call back to to their teams in the 90s, most specifically 1994 when the won the Super Bowl.

Back in the day, seasons and teams weren’t readily available because the internet just a computer extension of a fax machine. So NFL videos were pretty much limited to who won the Super Bowl a given year and lists of famous players/teams.

Which brings us to 1994. After the 49ers won the Super Bowl, I’m inclined to think the above video is one of those post-championship VHS tapes released to close out the season. Given that it’s got interviews and some copyrighted logos, it seems like something the NFL would put out but I have no confirmation on any of this.

Either way, this is a cool documentary (complete with era music) highlighting the 49ers’ 1994 season.