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Golden Nuggets: Elder Statesmen

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Sunday, May 27th, 2018 edition.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Good morning folks, while we haven’t learned much from OTAs thus far, team interviews are revealing quite a bit about the mindset and habits of the players. Obviously, most of us are more interested in hearing about how the LEO or IOL positional battles are shaking out, but football isn’t about on-field talent in a vacuum, as the past few months have somewhat made clear.

Newcomer, and prized free agency acquisition, RB Jerick McKinnon mentioned to the media recently that there’s a special kind of buzz around the 49ers locker room - all of the players are talking Superbowl. For a team that has replaced virtually the entire roster in one year, and started last season 0-9, that’s some mighty big talk. However, the pieces are, on paper, coming together in a way that both sides of the ball (plus special teams) have a legitimate shot at becoming something special.

Long time LT Joe Staley and long time archrival/nemesis/butt of many a joke CB Richard Sherman, while superstars in their own rights, share something interesting this offseason. Despite one of them having 11 years on the other within the organization, both have taken up significant mentorship roles. Staley has taken up a personal mentorship of rookie tackle Mike McGlinchey, who, as we’ve covered, was molded after Staley by Brian Kelly at Notre Dame. This is a dream scenario for the young tackle, who many envision as Staley’s eventual successor - and while there’s a good probability of this on the field, the most recent episode of the Joe Show revealed that he may not be the ideal heir for the lockerroom interview program.

Sherman, on the other hand, hasn’t been cleared for practice yet, following his 2017 Achilles rupture. However, as an elder statesman in the system, but a newcomer to the team, he has found a way to make an important mark on the team from the sidelines. By taking the fledgling secondary under his wing, he’s worked to impart the on-field and off-field knowledge of how to succeed in this league to a very young group of players. Not only has he taken a “coaching” role during practices, he, like Staley, is taking his little ducklings out for dinner and entertainment, and footing the bill. Which infuriates me, because I’m still looking for a reason to dislike Richard Sherman. Hey, old habits die hard.

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