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DeForest Buckner owns a cavalier poodle, and I’m a fan of that

Big man with a little dog.

The San Francisco 49ers held their annual State of the Franchise event (video) this past Wednesday, and it featured a host of players and coaches chatting about the team. The player segment involves some football talk, but we also learn a host of random tidbits about them.

My favorite nugget has to be that DeForest Buckner owns a cavalier poodle called Kimo. A cavalier poodle is the offspring of a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Here’s a picture of Kimo:

My right hand man #Kimo #MansBestFriend #MyDawg

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Personally, I prefer a big dog, but his reasoning for having a small dog is pretty sound.

“He’s a really good dog, and I love him a lot. He’s a really loyal dog. I like him cause he doesn’t shed. I don’t need a big dog knocking everything over. I’m already big myself.”

When you’re 6’7, 300 pounds, you’re already dealing with a lot of size at home. With a small dog, you don’t have to worry about everybody knocking everything over. You probably need to watch out when you sit down or take a step to make sure he’s out of the way, but otherwise, I get why a big person might prefer a little dog.

Buckner offered some additional insight about Kimo, including a ranking of where he’s situated in his life. And we even got a Rock-esque raised eyebrow.