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Eagles turned down Browns offer of a 2nd round pick for Nick Foles

The Jimmy Garoppolo special didn’t cut it for Philadelphia. And it led to a cat fight between Mike Florio and Mike Silver.

The Cleveland Browns have been on the hunt for a capable franchise quarterback since they were re-established as a franchise. They drafted Baker Mayfield this year, but before that they acquired Tyrod Taylor for a third round pick to serve as a bridge quarterback.

Taylor apparently was not their first choice entering the offseason. NFL Network’s Mike Silver reported earlier this week that the Browns had offered a second round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Nick Foles. The Browns had their own second round pick at No. 33 and the Houston Texans at No. 35 from the Brock Osweiler trade, and Silver reported they offered No. 35.

Foles had a huge close to the season in leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory, and after this reported offer, he worked out a $2 million bonus with the team in a new deal. Silver reported the Eagles took the offer to Foles, and he told them he preferred to remain in Philly.

The Eagles’ Super Bowl run proves the importance of a capable backup quarterback, but it’s interesting to see the value they turned down. Last October, the San Francisco 49ers gave up pick No. 43 for Jimmy Garoppolo. There are plenty of differences between Foles and Garoppolo, so it’s not entirely an apples-to-apples comparison, but it’s interesting to consider all the details in the Eagles’ decision.

I found the offer and rejection interesting, but this also lead to an amusing media cat fight. Mike Silver is tight with Hue Jackson, and when he reports something comes out of Cleveland, the thought is often that Hue is behind the leak. It is likely not always the case, but given how close Silver and Jackson appear to be, it’s not shocking people mention that.

Which leads us to this exchange between Silver and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Both Silver and Florio break plenty of news and are big players in NFL news. That also means sizable egos and entertaining exchanges like this!