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DeForest Buckner ranks first on quarterback hits from interior lineman

This year those may become sacks.

DeForest Buckner has been one of the shining spots in the San Francisco 49ers pass rush. While he wasn’t notching world-beating numbers in sacks, he shows a knack for disrupting plays and getting straight to the backfield. He’s usually the one getting hits in on the quarterback even if the signal caller has already released the ball. So much he tops the league’s interior linemen in QB hits according to a new list released by Pro Football Focus. Check this tweet out:

It’s always nice when a 49ers play tops a list, isn’t it?

So many times Buckner would get a hit in just a millisecond too late. He had a great second season in the NFL and if all goes well with Solomon Thomas’ development as well as the 49ers defensive line as a whole, he could be in line for a monster year as teams won’t be able to focus on just him like in the past.

And if the line is still lethargic in getting to the quarterback, remember the 49ers have gone great lengths in upgrading the secondary, Buckner’s heat-seeking missile-like play may result in a few more interceptions when more pressure is put on the quarterback. If he can’t get sacks, but the 49ers are getting interceptions instead, I’ll take that!