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Golden Nuggets: Cassius Marsh responds to Patriots fans

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, May 28th 2018

Good morning! I’m hoping everyone is about to have a fine start to the week while others are having a good 3-day weekend if that’s possible in whatever line of work.

It being a holiday, not much really is going on, but there’s one nice little tidbit.

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Cassius Marsh recently sat down with the San Francisco Chronicle’s Eric Branch to talk about his move to San Francisco. It’s really an interesting read as he has little praise for the New England Patriots and his limited time there (September to November 2017), going so far as saying the organization made him consider not playing football. The conversation is a really interesting read, so go give it a look if you haven’t done so yet.

Obviously, his abrasive comments would anger a lot of Patriots fans, and Marsh took to Instagram to address them. You can see his response here.

It’s safe to say Marsh feels like he’s found a home in San Francisco. The 49ers extended him this offseason and he was mentioned by Kyle Shanahan as well on why the 49ers didn’t draft much in the way of pass-rush specialists in the 2018 NFL draft.

Beyond that I have one link for you:

49ers DE Cassius Marsh blasts his time with Patriots: ‘It was B.S. things they were doing’ (Maiocco)