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Will Joe Staley or DeForest Buckner show up in the top 40 of NFL Network Top 100?

NFL Network released their latest round of slots in the Top 100 series, counting down from No. 50 to No. 41 on Memorial Day. The latest round quarterback DeShaun Watson, safety Earl Thomas, and was topped by wide receiver Keenan Allen.

Richard Sherman (No. 64) and Jimmy Garoppolo (No. 90) are the two current members of the San Francisco 49ers to show up thus far, with Carlos Hyde also making an appearance at No. 97.

There are 40 spots left, and two members of the 49ers stand a decent chance of showing up. Prior to Jimmy Garoppolo’s final five games, Joe Staley and DeForest Buckner were two of the best players on the roster. Buckner was the best guy on defense, and in spite of plenty of overall offensive line issues, Staley was one of the best guys on offense.

The past few years have been rough for the 49ers, and so it is no surprise, one player has shown up in the past three years. Nobody was on the list in 2015 and 2017, while two years ago, NaVorro Bowman made an appearance.

Given the high profile natures of Sherman and Garoppolo, I would be a little bit surprised if Staley or Buckner ended up in the top 40. That being said, Buckner is coming off a season in which he led interior defensive linemen in quarterback hits. If he can convert more of those hits into sacks, he’ll have a strong chance of entering the list next year. But will his fellow players give him some recognition this year? My guess is no, but maybe we get surprised.