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Marquise Goodwin does Paqui One Chip Challenge with wife

Any last words? The Reaper is waiting.

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News is definitely dwindling for the NFL at large as we enter the dead period before training camp begins, but there are still highlight reels, and I’ve found what will be the best one of the 2018 offseason. No, don’t bother arguing it, you won’t win.

A video was recently posted of Marquise Goodwin and his wife getting a package. What follows is the two’s attempt at the Paqui One Chip Challenge and hilarity ensues. Goodwin begins walking around like he’s just gotten off a treadmill while his wife goes straight for milk. They even get his mother involved to try a piece of the chip.

So what exactly is this madness? Well the challenge is eating a single chip from Paqui, dubbed ‘The Carolina Reaper’. Sure, we’ve seen spicy food challenges before from hot wings and other forms of cuisine, so why a single tortilla chip? Well this isn’t any old chip, this is a chip seasoned with Carolina reaper peppers. Those are considered by the Guiness Book of World Records as the hottest chili pepper on the planet. The chip is coated in them not unlike a Dorito.

The whole thing wasn’t cheap, as they state just one chip was $89. No, that’s not a typo or missed decimal—one chip for this sets you back $89. You could get a month’s worth of Doritos for that amount. The link above says the chips go for $4.99 but they aren’t available for sale on Paqui’s website, so I’m wondering if they bought these chips from a scalper. I found a few listings on eBay around the price range the Goodwin’s shelled out. Regardless, it’s amazing how much mileage they got out of that one chip, the undertaking looks similar to eating a three-pound steak.

I’m a huge fan of spicy chips and spicy nacho Doritos has been my go-to for years. Sure, one grab-bag lops off about two weeks from your life expectancy, but there’s no arguing the taste and flavor provided by the morsels of goodness. I do love some spicy food, but I definitely don’t like it when it gets to a certain point. If I’m breathing fire or lunging for a water pitcher, I’m not a fan, but I know some people love spice like that.

Needless to say, the way those chips are affecting them them makes me wonder how much of one I could take before throwing in the towel. I’m guessing I could only get a crumb before tapping out.