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Watch the 49ers behind the scenes of the 2018 NFL Draft

“Mr. Lynch, how ya doing?”

Last year, we were given a nice feature on the 24 hours of the draft with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. There was a few conversations on the selection, the trade, and some behind the scenes fun. Since that was an MMQB feature, we obviously won’t get that this year, but the San Francisco 49ers gave us a nice video of some behind the scenes draft moments.

This one pieces together some of the conversation between first round pick Mike McGlinchey and John Lynch. In fact one of the better moments is when McGlinchey plainly states, “Mr. Lynch, how ya doing?” There’s also a scene of Lynch calling Dante Pettis, and others.

The later the draft goes it’s just a clip of the pick on NFL Network, but the whole video is worth a watch. I unfortunately am unable to drop it in the post, so you’ll have to head over to YouTube to watch it. It’s also up on the 49ers website.