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Running down Jaquiski Tartt’s contract details

The 49ers have signed their safety through 2020, with a deal that buys them time to figure out his future.

Last week, the San Francisco 49ers announced they had agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension with safety Jaquiski Tartt. With the draft now behind us, we have the full details courtesy of our man, Jason Hurley.

Tartt signed a two-year deal worth $13 million, with a chance to climb to $15 million if he can reach various incentives. The deal includes a $4.5 million signing bonus, $500,000 in yearly roster bonus money, and $100,000 in workout bonuses each year. The signing bonus prorates over three years since the deal is tacked on to his current year.

The contract is added on to the end of his current deal, which means he is signed through 2020. Tartt’s existing 2018 base salary $1,021,865 became fully guaranteed with this new deal. His 2019 base salary ($3 million) is guaranteed for injury and becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, 2019. His 2020 salary ($4.3 million) is not guaranteed, according to Jason.

The deal averages out to $6.5 million per year ($7.5 million with the incentives), but in reality it’s $4.3 million per year because it is added on to his current deal. It’s on the lower end of the scale for multi-year deals, and strikes me as a kind of bridge contract. Maybe he emerges as the strong safety of the future, maybe not. He was a big-time presence last year before going on injured reserve, and was due to hit free agency after this season. This buys some time for the 49ers to figure out what exactly he is for them.


Base: $3 million
Roster bonus: $500,000
Workout bonus: $100,000
Prorated SB: $1.5 million

Cap hit: $5.1 million


Base: $4.3 million
Roster bonus: $500,000
Workout bonus: $100,000
Prorated SB: $1.5 million

Cap hit: $6.4 million