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Bovada bumps 49ers-Vikings line to -5

It’s a tough line to sort through for Week 1.

The San Francisco 49ers open their 2018 regular season with trip to face the Minnesota Vikings, and while plenty will happen between now and Week 1, we’ve got early gambling information on the game. Two weeks ago, the Las Vegas SuperBook opened the game with the Vikings installed as a 4.5 point favorites. Bovada has since released their own line, and they have the Vikings as a five point favorite.

The home team gets roughly three points right off the boat, although that can vary a half point here or there. But at three points, the Bovada line suggests the Vikings are a two-point favorite on a neutral field, and a one point dog in Santa Clara. It doesn’t transition quite that simply, but you get the idea.

The line is in that spot where oddsmakers are not quite sure what to make of things. The Vikings opening at home, coming off a playoff run, and with Kirk Cousins now quarterbacking the team has people thinking they’re a contender. But four and five point spreads are always a little odd to consider.

Given the state of the 49ers, I can understand the confusion. Jimmy Garoppolo was a world-beater the final five games of the season, but it was only five games. Will the 49ers pick up where they left off, or will they run into a rough patch? Oddsmakers think the public will lean Minnesota, but it’s a little off for now.