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We’ve got pictures from the 49ers second open OTA session!

The photo gallery is updated and there is pictures galore.

One of the many downsides to the offseason is the lack of new pictures in our photo editor. We have a lot of pictures of 49ers players, but for the more recent additions, there are just not that many. We are recirculating all sorts of the same stuff, particularly for someone like Reuben Foster who was in the news a lot.

But Wednesday brought us the reprieve. The 49ers held their second open practice of OTAs, and the USA Today Sports Images team was on hand to shoot the session. They got 34 shots of practice, and I have put them together in the gallery above. We get a lot of returning players, and plenty of the new faces.

The 49ers will hold one more open practice during OTAs, next Tuesday, June 5th. I’m not sure if the photographers will be on hand then, but there is a good chance they’ll be around a week later during the three open days of mandatory minicamp. We look forward to new pictures!