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Somebody expected to ‘dime out the NFL’ in collusion case, per Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid attorney

I’m skeptical, but maybe this gets interesting.

The Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid collusion cases could take a dramatic turn in the near future. Or, we’re just getting played by a PR-savvy defense attorney. I‘m leaning the latter, but I’ve got my popcorn ready if it’s the former!

Attorney Mark Geragos, who is representing both players in their collusion cases made an appearance on CNN Wednesday evening. I did not get a chance to catch it, but according to Pro Football Talk, Geragos said the case is “about to take a dramatic turn,” and, “somebody has decided they were going to dime out the NFL for what they were doing.”

I remain skeptical that there is physical evidence the NFL colluded, but if there is a witness who will contradict the NFL, that makes this a whole lot more interesting. It does not guarantee Kaepernick or Reid will win their cases, but it would be more than we’ve seen to date in this case.

There have been reports of deposition statements from owners that Donald Trump’s comments in general and to them specifically have influenced their decision-making. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly stated that Trump told him they can’t win, and, “Tell everybody, you can’t win this one.” Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he was supportive of the players “until Trump made his statement.” According to the Wall Street Journal report, Ross noted that owners’ conversations with Trump were passed along during a league meeting, and that “I thought he changed the dialogue.”

We’re not a point where collusion has been proven, at least from the public standpoint. Given Geragos’ comments, I’m wondering if we see a Friday afternoon news dump on this case. It feels like something where he’d want to leave the NFL scrambling heading into the weekend.