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Tarvarus McFadden choose 49ers over Dolphins and Steelers due to the presence of Richard Sherman

That signing is paying dividends

The San Francisco 49ers signed Tarvarus McFadden as an undrafted free agent and he definitely had some suitors. McFadden was one of the better known names to be available once the draft ended and the 49ers even had him brought in for a pre-draft visit.

Unlike the draft, UDFAs have the choice of which team they want to sign with. Most of the time the money is somewhat negligible (in McFadden’s case he got a huge bonus). So it’s all on the prospect on what team they want to go and develop with if the choice presents itself.

Well McFadden had the Dolphins and and Steelers to choose from, what made him choose the 49ers?

If you really look at it, all of this is the ripple effect of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Richard Sherman said Garoppolo factored into his decision to sign with the 49ers and now Sherman is factoring into the decisions of the young cornerbacks to come to the team. Sherman has been known as a mentor for the secondary and someone who is not afraid to teach other cornerbacks the nuances of the position. When you consider the veteran leadership that comes with the player, the 49ers got a great deal for his services. Even if he loses a step due to his ankle injuries, he’s at least a draw for free agents to come and learn behind. McFadden is a player that will need a year or two of development and could be really good in the future.

If he pans out, we’ll have Sherman to thank for that.