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2019 way-too-early NFL mock draft

Today we have some fun and get a first look at next year’s potential draft prospects.

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Greetings Faithful and May the 4th be with you all! I know how upset you are that the hundred thousand mock drafts and the NFL Draft itself is now behind us. However, lucky for all of you I have put together a Way-Too-Early 2019 Mock Draft. Now, before we get started I would like to point out that this time last year I made a similar mock draft. In that mock I selected tackle Mike McGlinchey first overall to the Cleveland Browns. You heard it here first…The Browns will regret not taking him with one of their two 1st round picks.

Two things to keep in mind with today’s way-too-early mock draft. One, it’s just for fun, and so much will happen between now and next April. Two, and more importantly it gives everyone an opportunity to get to know some likely draft eligible prospects. As for the draft order, I have decided to use the 2019 Super Bowl Odds. The draft order doesn’t matter. What matters is who we might be getting ourselves familiar with in a little less than a year. Let’s have some fun and get right to it. Here is how the 2019 NFL Draft will play out…FYI, whoever I have going first overall in this draft will most likely be a 49er…just saying…

1) New York Jets

Nick Bosa, DE - Ohio State

At this point we are all familiar with Joey Bosa of the Los Angles Chargers. If you don’t know already, he has a younger brother at Ohio State who may be even more talented and dangerous. Pass Rusher is always going to be a premium position on the field. In the earliest projections, it looks as though Bosa might be the most complete player in next year’s draft. There isn’t a sure fire number one quarterback and if this is in fact the Jets, they invested more than enough in newly acquired passer Sam Darnold.

2) Cincinnati Bengals

Justin Herbert, QB - Oregon

Who knows who might be the number one passer off the board next year, but based on early film it seems like Justin Herbert is getting the early love and hype from scouts and evaluators. There is a lot to like about Herbert starting with his physical traits. If the Bengals are actually selecting at number two then perhaps the Andy Dalton era just might be coming to a close.

3) Chicago Bears

Ed Oliver, DT - Houston

Oliver will most definitely be in play for the number one overall pick next year. In fact, I have already heard that Oliver was on the clock the moment the 2018 draft concluded. Oliver plays at Houston, so he may not be too familiar with the national audience, but mark my words, that will change…and soon. Oliver is a stud, and very well would have been a top 10 selection in this year’s draft. He is a matchup nightmare and his measureables and physical traits are off the charts.

4) Miami Dolphins

Shea Patterson - QB - Michigan

Like the Bengals, should the Dolphins find themselves selecting in the top 4 it might be time to head in another direction at quarterback. Ryan Tannehill will be returning from a knee injury and who knows how he will respond. Patterson was recently made eligible to play this year after transferring to Michigan. Should Patterson put it all together, it could be a special year and we could quickly see him rise up draft boards.

Cleveland Browns

5) Greg Little - OT - Ole Miss

Joe Thomas retired and the Browns would be wise to protect their new investment at quarterback in Baker Mayfield. 2019’s tackle class is looking richer and deeper than this year’s draft. There looks to be at least five tackles that could go in the first round next year.

Arizona Cardinals

6) Jonah Williams - OT - Alabama

Williams will be another tackle battling to be the top player taken at the position. The Alabama product continues to elevate his game and another strong season should see him go in the first round. By this point next year Josh Rosen will be fully engulfed in the starting position and the Cardinals should be doing everything in their power to protect their investment.

7) Buffalo Bills

Zach Allen - DE - Boston College

We could see a wide receiver here, but for now I think Sean McDermott will invest in the defense and particularly the pass rushing department. After Oliver and Bosa, Allen looks to be in the next crop of defensive ends.

8) Washington

DeAndre Baker - CB - Georgia

There are a number of different ways they can go with this pick, but for now it seems like Washington still needs a good amount of help in their secondary. Baker could be the top corner off the board next year. The top rated corner could certainly help a secondary in need of him.

9) Indianapolis Colts

Dexter Lawrence - DT - Clemson

I’m not just saying this as someone who supports Clemson football, but mark my words, bearing injuries the Tigers will have 5 first round picks next year. Bookmark it now. The best of the bunch will most likely be Dexter Lawerence. If Vita Vea made your jaw drop with his physical traits, just find some time to watch Lawrence this upcoming season. He may not even make it to pick number nine. Chris Ballard will continue to build up the defensive line.

10) New York Giants

Juwan Johnson - WR - Penn State

So, this is assuming the Giants make headlines and either trade or choose not to extend Odell Beckham Jr. Should GM David Gentleman go down that path, the early favorite to be the WR1 in this draft class is Juwan Johnson. A big-target receiver who can lineup all over the field and be a matchup nightmare.

11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Clelin Ferrell - Clemson - DE

The Buccaneers still have questions in their pass rushing department. Ferrell should answer those questions. The only question is like his teammate Lawrence, will he make it to pick number 11? Then again, will the Bucs really be in this position. If I’m Jameis Winston I hope not.

12) Detroit Lions

A.J. Brown - WR - Ole Miss

At some point Bob Quinn has to give Matthew Stafford some more weapons to work with. Golden Tate is good as is Marvin Jones. However, A.J. Brown could step in as their new WR1. Something I feel they have been missing since Calvin Johnson hung up the cleats.

13) Tennessee Titans

Raekwon Davis - DT - Alabama

The Titians have a new coaching staff and a lot of questions entering the 2018 NFL season. Even after making the playoffs last season, there still seems to be some missing parts on this squad. Davis is one of the most disruptive defenders on the line and could offer the Titans another option to bring pressure to the backfield.

14) Baltimore Ravens

Rashan Gary - DT - Michigan

Just a couple of seasons ago, Gary was the number one overall recruit in the country. After a quiet freshman season, Gary started putting it together in his second year. He should take the next step and solidify his first round potential. He could offer the Ravens another big body on the line to cause pressure and disruption to the opposition.

15) Los Angles Chargers

Drew Lock - QB - Missouri

Is the third quarterback coming off the board all the way down at 15? Unlikely. However, I could see the Chargers finally start thinking about life after Philip Rivers. There are mixed reviews on Lock. Some have him as the top overall passer, and some don’t see him as a first round talent. A big season for him at Missouri awaits.

16) Kansas City Chiefs

Beau Benzschawel - Guard - Wisconsin

It is yet to be determined how rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes will fare this season. What I do know is that with any young quarterback (Especially one that you spent considerable draft capital on), you want to protect them as much as possible. Benzschawel looks to be the highest rated guard early on.

17) Carolina Panthers

Mitch Hyatt - OT - Clemson

Another tackle is off the board, and this time it is Mitch Hyatt out of Clemson. Cam Newton continues to be priority number one. If the Panthers hope to squeeze every last drop out of Newton they must keep him upright and protected. Lately, the Panthers have invested premium picks at skill positions. Now, it’s time to help your quarterback in other ways.

18) Dallas Cowboys

Christian Wilkins - DT - Clemson

The Cowboys will look to add another high motor, disruptive force along the defensive line. Wilkins is the most seasoned of the Clemson defensive linemen coming out of this draft. His ability to open up holes and put pressure on the quarterback is what makes him incredibly valuable at Clemson. With 43 quarterback pressures and 10 sacks Wilkins is a threat every time he is one the field.

19) Seattle Seahawks

Trey Adams - OT - Washington

At some point the Seahawks are going to invest a premium pick on an offensive tackle and protect their pro bowl quarterback, right? They’re not going to draft running backs projected for the third round, right? Maybe the Seahawks know something the rest of the world doesn’t.

20) Denver Broncos

Noah Fant - TE - Iowa

Noah Fant looks to be the early favorite as the TE1 in this draft class. Whether it is Case Keenum or someone else under center, big target windows will be desired. Fant offers that with his 6’5” frame and physical features that scouts and evaluators seek at the next level.

21) Oakland Raiders

DreMont Jones - DT - Ohio State

If one thing is very clear, this is Jon Gruden’s team. He is the end all be all decision maker for the silver and black. As Gruden tries to build his brand of football in Oakland he will turn to DreMont Jones, a tough defensive tackle who plays a physical brand of football. Jones looks like a Gruden prospect.

22) Houston Texans

Michael Deiter - OT - Wisconsin

Protect Deshaun Watson at all costs. I said last year Deshaun would be the best quarterback to come out of that draft class. I will stand by those remarks. Deiter has been a physical force on the Badger line and his play should transition smoothly at the next level.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars

David Sills - WR - West Virginia

After losing Allen Robinson the Jaguars find his replacement and their future WR1 in David Sills. Sills should immediately enter camp next year as the favorite to be the number one option. With respect, Bortles needs all the help he can get.

24) Atlanta Falcons

T.J. Edwards - LB - Wisconsin

The run of Badgers continues in the back half of the first round. Edwards is the next hard-hitting Badger linebacker who make this presence known on the field. Atlanta continues to build up their defense with one of the most talented inside linebackers in the nation.

25) Green Bay Packers

David Edwards - OT - Wisconsin

Let’s just assume early on that the Packers, like most teams with a Pro Bowl quarterback will look to protect him. We have seen what the Packers look like with Rogers not under center…It’s not pretty and and it’s not even close…Not in the same universe close. As you might be wondering by now, Wisconsin looks to have the best offensive line unit in the country. Edwards is another piece to that physical line.

26) Green Bay Packers

Christian Miller - OLB - Alabama

This time the Packers address their defense and look for someone to rush the quarterback and cause havoc in the backfield. Miller can fly all over the field, and his speed and instincts make him an early favorite to sneak into the back half of the first round.

27) San Francisco 49ers

Austin Bryant - DE - Clemson

Here is Clemson Player #5 off the board. The 49ers did not address a glaring need for a pass rusher in this previous draft. Bryant is one of the most productive defensive end prospects in the country and should find himself at the backend of next year’s draft. Last season Bryant had 14.5 tackles for a loss and 7.5 sacks. At 6’4” and 265 pounds, Bryant has the physical traits that will transition smoothly at the next level. Bryant has tremendous burst off the line. He is quick around the edge and constantly pushes off offensive lineman on the initial rush. His high motor and speed keeps him involved when the play is extended and the pocket collapses. I still believe there is room for Bryant to grown against the run, and he needs to display more patience in certain situations. Still though, should the 49ers find themselves drafting this late (They would have taken a huge step in the right direction), and Bryant is still on the board, perhaps he could be their long awaited pass rusher they have been seeking for quite some time.

28) Pittsburgh Steelers

Anfernee Jennings - LB - Alabama

First, the highlight of the 2018 NFL Draft for me was witnessing Ryan Shazier taking the stage to announce the Steeler’s first round pick. I wish Ryan a full and speedy recovery. What an inspiration he is. Pittsburgh might have to address the linebacker position, and Jennings is the next physical linebacker to take charge in Alabama’s NFL ready-made defense.

29) Los Angeles Rams

Jaylon Ferguson - DE - Lousiana Tech

The Rams will look to continue to build up their defense. Their window is open, but will be open for only so long. Perhaps another top-end prospect to get after the quarterback will be an option in the not so distant future.

30) Minnesota Vikings

Porter Gustin - OLB - USC

The Vikings have their franchise quarterback locked up. Should they fall just short of the Super Bowl then perhaps adding one last piece to an already stout defense will be enough to finally put them over the top. Gustin should be one of the more intriguing linebackers to watch at USC this season.

31) Philadelphia Eagles

Mike Weber - RB - Ohio State

So far, next year is not shaping out to be the year of the running back. However, if one guy is worth his weight in the first round it could be Mike Weber out of Ohio State. The Eagles may want to invest in a young and physical runner at some point.

32) New England Patriots

Delvon Randall - Safety - Temple

The Patriots spent some premium picks on the offensive line and at running back in this previous draft. Perhaps next year, they will think about the secondary and rising hard-hitting prospect Delvon Randall. By this time next year, he could be going higher than 32 though. Then again, who’s to say the Patriots will be picking at 32 anyway?

As you can see, just like last year, this mock draft is just meant to be fun and to offer everyone an early preview about potential premium prospects for next year. I would certainly keep an eye out for these 32 prospects (And many more) throughout the college football season.

Here is to a successful season for our San Francisco 49ers and May the 4th be with you all Faithful!

Who are YOU excited about in next year’s draft? Do you see the 49ers selecting as low as 27th in 2019? Please share in the comments below!