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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with Mike McGlinchey

The 49ers 2018 first round pick breaks down his new team in Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast

Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast has a fun conversation with 49ers first round (ninth overall) pick, Mike McGlinchey.

McGlinchey was originally seen as a slight reach in the draft, but now that we know the Oakland Raiders were ready to pounce at the 10th pick, it doesn’t seem like such a reach at all.

Maiocco’s conversation concerns McGlinchey’s family, move to Santa Clara, and that awesome feeling when he finally accomplished his dream to play football at the NFL level. You can listen to the podcast using the widget above or click here to go to it.

02:00 - The draft party
02:30 - What’s going through his mind after a call from the 49ers
03:00 - His family and their sports background
04:00 - Where he gets the ‘presence’ John Lynch was high on
04:45 - How important was leadership at Notre Dame?
05:20 - Why he got so emotional
06:00 - The feeling once you know which team has selected you
06:51 - How much time he spent thinking on which team he’d fit/go to
07:30 - Thoughts he could be on the same team as cousin Matt Ryan at Atlanta
08:05 - Opinion on Kyle Shanahan’s offense watching Matt Ryan
09:18 - His major/how he got into that line of study
10:30 - Did he feel comfortable talking ball with the coaches/executives?
10:51 - When he realized he was all-in on football
12:03 - Did the history of the 49ers add to significance?
12:45 - What has he done since arriving in Santa Clara
13:10 - What he’s learned from watching Joe Staley
13:45 - Jimmy Garoppolo impressions
14:15 - His future schedule