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Marcell Harris on Achilles rehab, wrapping up on tackles

The 49ers sixth round pick is finishing up his Achilles rehab, and looking at the 49ers strong safety position.

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed their rookies in for minicamp on Thursday, and with that came a chance to introduce their draft picks and undrafted free agents to the media. I thought we’d check out the video, and offer up time stamps.

Safety Marcell Harris was among those, and you can watch the video above, or click here. The Florida safety will not be able to take part in all the minicamp activities because of his 2017 Achilles tear. He suffered the injury during Florida’s preseason strength and conditioning program, and has been rehabbing ever since. He said he wants to get back on the field as fast as possible, but will follow the advice of the doctors.

He offered some interesting perspective about his time off the field due to the injury. He said it allowed him to get a better handle on the coaching side of things, and really thinking through the game. I would be curious how much different players take advantage of the benefits they can get when forced out of the game with an injury.

My favorite response was when Matt Barrows asked him if he was familiar with Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor and what he does. Harris said, “Yea, of course. I mean who, If you’re a safety and you don’t know Kam Chancellor, then you’re wrong.” That’s pretty much spot on.

0:01 — on injury, rehab process, draft expectations because of that
0:57 — on C.J. Beathard hit from highlight reel, not wrapping up on it
1:40 — matching up with George Kittle, tight ends
1:55 — difficulty of not being able to play last year
2:30 — how injury time off changed his perspective
2:55 — how the 49ers use the strong safety
3:13 — knowledge of Kam Chancellor
3:24 — how he grew as a person and player in college
4:16 — talking Achilles injuries with Richard Sherman
4:27 — knowledge of John Lynch and his career