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Dante Pettis on his family, the draft, and his abilities at the pro-level

The 49ers second pick is almost a lock for the return game, but he sees himself as a receiver first, punt returner second.

Dante Pettis was one of the rookies welcome for minicamp and in a change of the norm—is one of those that wouldn’t be welcomed in years prior due to a rule keeping those on the quarter system in college from participating in pro sports until finals conclude.

Pettis offered some nice perspective about his family legacy (he’s the cousin of Austin Pettis who was a star for Boise State and later the NFL), the conversation with his father after getting drafted and what he thinks he’ll be used as in the NFL.

The best answer though was when he was asked questions about receiver and punt returner. Pettis said, “I view myself as a receiver not a punt returner.” If he materializes as more of a receiver than punt returner, the 49ers got themselves a heck of a talent. Watch the video above, or click here.

00:00 - What he did last few days
00:33 - Conversations with his cousin [Austin Pettis] about the process and the NFL
01:12 - When did he finally talk to his dad after being drafted
02:07 - How college recruitment worked
02:45 - Where he would have gone had Chris Petersen not gone to Washington
03:00 - What he can and can’t do at OTAs
03:19 - His goal in the NFL
04:12 - Any great punt returners/records he wants to go after?
04:36 - Is it more like “What do I need to do to get on the field?”
04:55 - Best attributes as a punt returner and biggest adjustment to NFL
05:30 - Did he run before the draft?
06:00 - Was his versatility something discussed in the pre-draft process
06:22 - His best attributes as a receiver
06:40 - The Pettis family legacy