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Merton Hanks delivered Dante Pettis his draft day card, and wore an amazing t-shirt

I might need to get me one of these.

The 2018 NFL Draft featured a host of guest announcers for day two and day three picks. On day two, the San Francisco 49ers had Merton Hanks announcing their second round pick, and Nate Clements announcing their third round picks. Hanks ended up announcing wide receiver Dante Pettis, while Clements announced linebacker Fred Warner and cornerback Tarvarius Moore.

This weekend, Hanks was in Santa Clara to deliver the draft card he read from to Pettis. Hanks made the rounds of the 49ers facility, which he posted about on Twitter.

The photos below are all pretty cool, but his two with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan offer a not so hidden gem. Check out the t-shirt Hanks is wearing. The chicken neck celebration is part of 49ers lore, and I’m amazed it took this long to come up with a t-shirt. The website he linked to is not running right now, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for when the shirt is available for sale.

Fooch’s update: Here’s the updated website