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Tarvarus McFadden talks draft snubs, and working with Richard Sherman

Many were left scratching their heads when they saw Tarvarus McFadden as a free agent—McFadden included. In any case, he has a chip on his shoulder now and is ready to come learn from RIchard Sherman.

When the 2018 NFL draft concluded, it was a bit of a question mark as why cornerback Tarvarus McFadden was not among the 256 picks. McFadden himself was a bit surprised, as he said in his interview with the Bay Area media.

The 49ers had rookie availability with training camp and that’s where McFadden came to talk about his recent snub and how it’s a chip on his shoulder. In fact, McFadden wasn’t too high on the entire process, talking about how too much emphasis is put on the 40-yard dash.

“I don’t think the 40 [yard dash] should make or break these players in the draft”

If McFadden turns out a steal being a UDFA, he may have a case about some of the extensive and perhaps unnecessary analyses that goes into each prospect.

You can watch the interview above or go to it by clicking here.

00:00 - Did he sense he may wind up with the 49ers?/Draft impressions
01:15 - Emotions during the final pick of draft
01:53 - How many teams were pursuing him after the draft
02:15 - The 49ers sales pitch
02:50 - His height and playing as a tall corner
03:30 - Thoughts on the 40-yard dash and its importance
04:30 - The importance of big-hitting corners in the league
04:50 - Meeting Richard Sherman