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Fred Warner talks Wonderlic scores, new age of linebackers, evolution of the game

The 49ers third pick has some great analysis for where the linebacker position is headed.

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed the rookies to minicamp on Thursday and that meant Fred Warner made his podium debut.

You can watch the video above or click here. The BYU linebacker may be filling in for Reuben Foster if the latter gets nailed with a suspension for his recent legal issues. If Foster does play, Warner very well could be the heir apparent to Malcom Smith and create the new linebacking tandem.

He offered some insight on the new age of linebackers and how he fits into it as well as some thoughtful analysis of the evolution of the game.

00:00 - What has he been up here last few days?
00:16 - How much does he look forward to actual football?
00:50 - Thoughts on the 49ers linebackers prior to him
01:20 - How his measurables help him
02:02 - On if he has a background as a defensive back and how he developed
02:40 - How he sees the evolution of the game
03:00 - The nickle back position on the BYU defense
03:30 - On if the possibility of him playing strong safety came up in his draft interviews
03:52 - Thoughts on the ‘new age’ of linebackers
04:26 - What his high Wonderlic score means to him