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Results: Armchair GM challenge & Predict the pick contest

We’re fully a week removed from the 2018 NFL Draft, and I thought it was as good a time as any to post results from our two pick ‘em challenges. For the fifth straight year, ak4niner had his Predict The Pick contest, and once again I was back with the Armchair GM Challenge.

Predict The Pick results

Looking through the comments, xarks was the only person to accurately predict both the player and the pick number. He had the 49ers selecting Mike McGlinchey at No. 9. Four other people correctly predicted McGlinchey, but all four had the 49ers trading back to make the pick. They included:

Jed08: Trade back, but no specifics
JeffGarcia: Trade back to No. 19
Jaxson876: Trade back to No. 12
Don V 33: Trade back to No. 12

Armchair GM Challenge results

This year’s overall winner is rags056. He finished tied with the whizzinator at 37 points. The tiebreaker is most correct players picked, and rags056 had three correct picks, including Mike McGlinchey, Tarvarus McFadden, and Dante Pettis. He actually had 44 points, but he picked Pettis twice, with the second being for seven points, thus the tie.

This year we counted UDFA predictions if they signed before the Wednesday following the NFL Draft. Tarvarus McFadden was the only UDFA to show up, getting 25 predictions. The winner for most obscure pick goes to LJthegiant, who predicted the Richie James with a 7-point pick.

We had a tie for most correct picks, with Thedudeoflondon and jjcool00 each correctly predicting four players. Both had the 49ers picking Mike McGlinchey, Dante Pettis, Fred Warner, and Tarvarus McFadden.

The only other 49ers players picked were D.J. Reed and Tarvarius Moore. Reed was picked by djsfield and JBlackard59, while Moore was picked by GSheen, Rowingdave, and jerz9er.

It looks like Roquan Smith led the way in total picks, with 77 people picking him. Right behind him, 75 people picked Harold Landry, and 65 people had Tremaine Edmunds on their ballot. 51 people had Minkah Fitzpatrick. Among correct 49ers picks, 40 people had Dante Pettis, 30 people had Fred Warner, and 28 people had Mike McGlinchey.

You can view the full spreadsheet of results here.