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Reuben Foster police report reveals details about marijuana, witnesses, more

Reuben Foster heads back to court in Santa Clara on Tuesday, May 8th to continue dealing with the domestic violence and gun charges filed against him. The District Attorney’s office received a continuance to continue reviewing the tape provided by Foster’s ex-girlfriend, which she says proves her injuries came prior to her interaction with Foster.

While we continue waiting through this process, Matt Barrows has gotten his hands on a copy of the police report filed back in February. Barrows posted the notable details in his article, but I thought I’d pull out a couple things I found interesting.

  • Police interviewed a friend of Foster’s staying at the house. The friend said he (the friend) was in his room at the time of the incident and didn’t witness any argument or altercation. Police are also reached out to the drive the woman flagged down.

If the tape does not result in a dismissal of charges, I would suspect the prosecutor will be relying on these two witnesses in some form or fashion.

  • Multiple police officers mentioned a strong smell of marijuana when they entered Foster’s house.

I have no problem with people smoking marijuana, but given his previous bust in Alabama and the fact that NFL rules prohibit the substance, this is not ideal. Given that marijuana has been legalized (in California, not Alabama), Foster did not face an arrest for possession.

Check out Barrows’ full rundown of the report here.